Doc. MUDr. Jaroslav Zvěřina CSc., Member of the European Parliament

1. Political Relations

EU and Japan share principles of liberal democracy, rule of law, and human rights as core of national policy-making. They have developed and deepened cooperation with each other in political, economic, and industrial aspects through various declarations, agreements, and cooperation programmes.

  • Joint Declaration on Relations between the European Community and its Member States and Japan in the Hague in 1991 established political dialogue between the EU and Japan. (
  • EU-Japan the Next Steps in 1995
  • Working Paper of Japan by the Commission in 1999
  • Shaping Our Common Future: An Action Plan for EU-Japan Cooperation (2001) ( aims at promotion of peace and security through arms control, disarmament, non-proliferation, conflict prevention, promotion of human rights, democracy and stability

Political dialogues:

  • EU-Japan Summit is held annually since 1991, between President of the Council, President of the Commission, and Prime Minister of Japan
  • EU-Japan Troika Ministerial Meeting is held biannually between EU Troika (President of the Council, High Representative for CFSP, and Commissioner responsible for CFSP) and Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Japan
  • EU-Japan Troika Political Directors Meeting is a biannual meeting between senior officers from the European Commission and Member States and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan where various topics such as security issues in Russia, former Yugoslavia, and in Asia are discussed
  • EU-Japan Inter-Parliamentary Meeting has been held over 20 times so far between European Parliament and Members of the National Diet of Japan
  • Informal political dialogue in Tokyo is also developed

EU and Japan cooperated in regions of Europe and Asia to promote peace and security

  • Japanese aid for reconstruction of Bosnia Herzegovina (800 million US dollars)
  • Japanese aid to Kosovo (200 million US Dollars)
  • EU support for nuclear non-proliferation in the Korean peninsula
  • EU support after Asian financial crisis
  • Establishment of Korean Energy Development Organization for peaceful use of atomic energy in North Korea


  • The Delegation of the European Commission to Japan (Tokyo)
  • The Mission of Japan to the European Union (Brussels)

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